Alert: Parents don’t know everything!

Today we did an interview with our mom. Here is what we asked:

Q. What is one thing you taught your grandparents how to do and what is one thing they tell you how to do?

Our mom started answering things about what her parents did, but she never answered anything about her grandparents. That’s because she never really knew them. They lived very far away and when she did see them, she was too shy to say anything because she didn’t really know them. When they went to heaven it was too late for her to know them, except in her imagination. We felt bad for her.  She couldn’t really answer any of our questions. So we are answering them ourselves.

Some of the answers we had includes things like “seniors can tell us if something is a bad idea.” Example: if we said we were going to throw our homework in the trash,  a senior would remind us that is a bad idea because something could happen like getting in trouble at home AND at school. Nobody wants trouble like that.

Our little sister said one thing kids can tell seniors is how to do a cartwheel, but she doesn’t know how to do one. She was probably talking about some other kids, like our neighbors who are almost 12 and do lots of cartwheels. But it’s ok, she still knows a lot for a 5 year old and she is great at jumping jacks so she can help someone with that.

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