Invite a Crowd to Dinner

By Aarav Patel, Age 11

A simple person to person dinner may spark up some unpredictable friendships. Just invite people you know of different generations, race, gender, etc. They could be neighbors, friends, people from school or the workplace, or even family. In this example, we use generations.

But how will I manage to cook every meal, you ask yourself? The answer is simple. Instruct everyone to help prepare the meal and set the table. Soon enough, conversations begin to spark with questions everyone can answer like “What are you grateful for?” or “How many pets do you have?”

This will spark some friendships. As a reminder, you can’t force friendships. Invite everyone for dinner again in a few weeks and try to connect again. Gradually, the friendships become stronger to the point where the group starts to manage like an extended family.

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