I’m in Danger?

By Ishaana Patel, Age 7

This story is a cartoon of the blog post.

Once there was a girl named Nicole and boy named Maverick. One day, Nicole was in danger but did not know. She got sucked into a magic portal with barely any people and she thought she would never find anyone who lived there because the whole land was all flat.

There was a squirrel that said “you are the first one here and no one else will be here”. Nicole said and thought ” I wonder why I got sent here.” She never got to know but she found some help. Afterwards, Maverick came to the flat land which is special magic. Maverick saw Nicole and asked “are you lost? Are you hurt? Are you ok?”

“Yes, yes and sure,” said Nicole. “And how did you get here, Maverick?”

“I have magic powers,” said Maverick. They started talking even more and got even more connected and soon became friends. Soon, Nicole said “Let’s get out of here”. “Oh, ya,I forgot,” said Maverick, so they did. And that’s how they became connected because they were able to talk and become friends.

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