Saranya Patel, Age 10

“Puppy, sit, good dog, good boy, good girl.” Have you ever thought that playing with your dog could be connecting? Well here are a few of the easiest ways with only a couple materials. They are also very enjoyable.

Fetch: You will need an older adult, a kid, a dog or a puppy, a throwing material and a drink (optional). How? Invite the older adult to your house. Play with the dog together and talk about anything like how you got your dog or your day. You have just bonded.

Dog Playdate: Materials: 2 dogs, one that belongs to the senior and one that belongs to the kid. You also need a playing spot. Steps: 1. The dogs meet up. 2. Ask if they can play somewhere like the park. 3. Ask the kid or older adult to come with you while the dogs enjoy time with each other.

Walk and talk: You will need: kids and an older adult, sidewalk or walking surface and a dog. How? 1. Plan a walk with the older adult and the dog. 2. Walk together and bring up things you have in common. 3. Plan a new event based on what you have in common.

These little things in your day can change your life forever. The End.

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