Aarav Patel, Age 11

Do you really know what your grandchild is doing at school? Probably not. A great way to know what they’re doing and help them in school is to tutor them in anything they struggle with

Tutoring may be the easiest way to help your grandkid get ahead in school. In order to stay on track though, you need to have scheduled appointments like Friday night and Monday morning. This will not only get you prepared for the sessions, but your grandchild will get used to a routine.

However, you may not be good at some subjects. Adults and seniors should only help a student at a subject that they, the adult, actually know something about. By only teaching what you know, you will prevent the student from saying the wrong things that you accidentally taught them.

Even though your grandkids might think they’re fine at school, you can still help. There is always one thing somebody struggles with, but with experience, you can lead your grandchild to major success.

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