Family Related Vacations

By Aarav Patel, Age 11

Should kids take days off of school, for family vacations etc? Is it worth it? Yes, for several reasons. The obvious reason is that you build a connection. If you are in my scenario, most of your extended family lives hundreds of miles away. You don’t get much face to face time unless you make it a priority to do so.

Must Go Events:

Even though you might not like going to these events, it will be disrespectful if you don’t show up. Such examples include someone’s graduation party that or someone’s wedding that lasts for days on end.

Might Go Events:

These events you can miss, as long as you let the people know. House parties and birthday parties are examples.

As an adult or grandparent, you can decide if you want to miss school or work. As long as you show up to some events, you can stay connected. Don’t forget to also take time for yourself to do what you want for yourself too.

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