Showing Empathy

By Aarav Patel, Age 11

There have been times in all of our lives where you might have been sad in your life. One person that asks “what’s wrong?” can change your day. Many kids have had times where they haven’t felt happy, and an adult made their day.

For me, in early elementary school, I was teased by my classmates. These comments made me feel terrible about myself, but when I told my mom, she stepped into action. She not only proved to me that those mean words weren’t true, but how to fix it. And she was my friend who said I can always count on her.

As a grown adult (or senior) it is your responsibility to help your kid, grandkid, or other loved one when they are stuck in a tough situation. It will not only earn you more respect from those kids, but improve that child’s self- esteem, like what my mom did for me. Use your wisdom to support that kid. A powerful, young soul is in your hands.

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