Therapy Dogs

By Aarav Patel, Age 11

Have you ever invited someone to an activity and they couldn’t go? If so, you know the grief of this. In the same way, when a senior asks someone to come over to their living center, and they never show up, it has negative effects on that person. That’s why all senior living centers need therapy dogs to keep the residents occupied.

Therapy dogs are often trained, calm and are happy to get attention. I’d choose a toy sized dog because they can sit in your lap. They are harder to train, though! And for you health freaks, dogs can improve your mental and cardiovascular health. This can possibly increase your lifespan.

By spending 5 minutes a day with a dog, you can improve your happiness for life. I know because my dog, Maverick, is always there for me and makes me feel a lot better about myself. Maybe a dog can benefit you, too. Sometimes the best kind of connection comes from places you least expected.

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