My Sister

Ishaana Patel, Age 7

Today I am telling you all about how I connect with my sister. We write each other like pen pals. I write to my sister about my day all the time! Sometimes it makes us even more connected. Some people have penpals like I do with my sister, even though our rooms are right next to each other.

When you pick a person that is 40 you can just say “Can I be your penpal?” If you start writing a lot, you might get to see your penpal in person one day, but make sure you ask your parents first and make sure it’s safe.

Don’t just be a penpal if the person seems sketchy.

How do you connect when you write to someone? Perfect question. 🙂

In order to connect, you’re not just supposed to send the penpal a bunch of letters in one day. You can write on a holiday, a birthday, and other special things to you and your penpal.

Now let’s get to the explanation.

In the card, you write something like this: “Hi, my name is BLAH.” Then talk about your day, start sending more letters, and then you will start connnecting!

Writing to Siblings

Sometimes when you make a writing habit, you might get a note and you might not. Maybe they never got your note or maybe the other person is just getting older and they are still figuring things out.

See ya. Ishaana. I am 7 and 3/4 now.

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