Ode to Maverick

Aarav Patel, Age 11

Big bangs

Big fangs

His bark is a meep

His bite is deep

He wasn’t cheap

Like a new Jeep

One year ago today

Maverick wanted to play

He knew it was the day

Where things would go his way.

We all saw his sister.

But we wanted a mister.

He wanted us to see him

As the daylights started to dim.

Marchee saw him through the glass,

Mav wanted to surpass.

He showed his paw,

Not his claw.

He knew this was the right human,

Like his best crewman.

He said good bye to his sibling,

As he started nibbling.

He sniffed us all,

making sure he wouldn’t fall.

He sat with us all,

wanting to play ball.

We begged to get this dog,

parents’ faces began to fog.

They say yes,

and maverick starts to dress,

for success.

He made a big mess but he is really blessed.

To keep him

not to trim him.

We get some essentials,

for his potential

We will take him home,

We won’t leave him alone.

We head out

with no doubt.

One year has passed,

Mav has maxed

in cuteness

in rudeness

he’s fully grown

but never alone.

Never alone, never again.

Ode to Maverick.

Love, Aarav

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