Does a Kid Deserve a Pet?

Aarav Patel, Age 11

Most kids absolutely love animals whether it’s a dog, cat, snake, or fish. It just simply is what they love, sometimes more than their parents, but do they really deserve it? Here is a tally to tell if they are worthy:

  • do their chores
  • listen
  • they are patient
  • they get their work done
  • they care about other people and things
  • they aren’t allergic to the pet they want
  • they are old enough to help take care of the pet

The best time for an adult to give a kid a pet is around 8-10 years old because they start to see what the world is actually like.

Parents/grandparents: Only get a pet if you are satisfied with a kid’s effort. Also, lean towards getting a dog like I have, because dogs are proven to help with mental and cardiovascular health.

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