Snow Days Plus 2 Hour Delays

Saranya Patel, Age 10

Today for me I have a two hour delay and since it’s winter there will be more snow days so most people will sleep in or play video games… no, no, no.

You’re off but you don’t have to play video games or watch tv all day 24.7. That is not acceptable and I am not trying to sound like my mom but think about it… technology is nice but you don’t have to do it all day. Your life doesn’t depend on it, but your actions might.

What I mean it that your actions will change somebody’s life and that matters! So what can I do? Well, it’s simple. Think of someone in your life you simply care about and write them a note.

That’s how you start a penpal friendship, by sending them notes and cards in the mail. My penpal and I write each other on holidays, birthdays and other random times. We write anytime we want basically. It doesn’t have to be long or neat but simple and caring and amazing! Bye! Saranya.

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