I Miss Them…

Saranya Patel, Age 10

So if you have pets or something you love that is living with you, you most likely connect with them a lot!

My dog and I spend a lot of time together. We have a special connection. When I leave to go to school, he whimpers by the door and when I come back, he jumps up and wags his tail joyfully.

Maverick (our dogs) misses my siblings and I when we leave. We obviously miss him too, especially when we go out of town. But when we come back, you are both happy to see each other.

I hope the same happens for the people in your life. Since it’s a new decade, it might be time to have a new connection with someone. There are many ways to start.

First, be kind.

Second, be supportive of their differences.

Third, try to get to know them and help them out when you can.

Finally, I know everybody says this but you really just need to be you! Start this new year off well by starting something new with someone new while being YOU.

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