Simple Things Are Best

Saranya Patel, Age 10

Simple things really do best when people are falling down or just aren’t felling all cotton candy,and rainbows and unicorns.             

Just give them a hug or if they are uncomfortable with hugs and kisses but at least sit next to them even if they just say”STOP IT, leave me alone” in a mean voice from time to time its just best to leave them alone but sometimes if they are lonely they might need someone to talk to or someone who listens to them or maybe they just might need a new friend and that new friend could be…  YOU!!!           

Something could just be happening at home or someone died so just be nice at an unexpected time they will give you back it might just be a hug or maybe a brand new friendship but…  appreciate it!           

Even if it just simple because simple is simply amazing.It could also be any generation or any time anywhere you can make new friends and it might take one  word to make a friendship possible and 5 seconds but don’t take it for granted.Have a good day and don’t stop connecting,EVER!!!


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