It’s Time For Some Review

By Saranya Patel, Age 10

A generation is all the people born in the same time period (10- 15 years apart.) There are several generations but there are a lot of different variations.The ones that are most common today are:                                                The greatest generation, The silence  generation,   Baby boomer ,  Generation xXennials, Millennials , Generation z   and Gen Alpha​                 

It doesn’t matter what generation you are -you can change the world young or old, you set the move, you do you. Don’t be any one else (I know every body always says it but it is true).
                If you’re a girl show the girl power and if you are a boy use the boy power! Don’t let people drag you around. If your a senior enjoy it and if your a adult enjoy it and if your a kid enjoy it and if your alive live it,feel it and be thankful for it.

You only have 1 life don’t just sit there do something about it!Tell the truth,have fun and…

                                      the                                                                                                                          world .                                 

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