Everything Has A Purpose

Saranya Patel, Age 10

    Everything in life I can thing of as a real purpose. Like seriously people- everything like if you just said “hi” to a friend you have not talked to or seen in a while because trust me you don’t know whats happening in that’s persons life  in less you stalk them and watch them 24-7….. and even if you do you still really don’t  know what is in their head.

No one is living inside someone else’s head so you really don’t know 100:/: what’s happening and things change even every day.           

Do your best to help even if it just helping with Laundry or helping take care of your baby sister/brother possible just staying behaved or being you but at the same have fun and remember you might think you are and maybe want to be but NO,sorry you’re not a mind reader.


                                         HAVE A GOOD REST OF YOUR DAY

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