Losing A Loved One

Aarav Patel, Age 11

 Losing someone that is part of your life,like friends and family is,lets say its heartbreaking you fell devastated when someone you know and love dies.Now imagine someone dies has 100 million friends and family members, and then suddenly takes his last breath. That’s how LA and so many more fans felt after Kobe Bryant died.                     

He was the inspiration for many basketball players around the world. Lebron James even said that all he wanted to do in basketball was to make MJ and Kobe Bryant proud. There were several NBA games at the beginning of last night, where both teams too 8 and 24 second violations representing his two jerseys.

The LA Lakers team (with Lebron) and the the LA Clippers play at Staples Center and thought about cancelling the game, something they hadn’t done since JFK was assassinated. An ESPN reporter at First Take said said it was supposed to be two top teams in the West playing their best, but instead their teams were playing in a city with its heart ripped out.

Kobe was helping his daughter when he died; he was helping her pursue her dream of playing in the WNBA. He always encouraged others, and even gave his NBA finals trophy to his teammate’s son. What a good person.

To all who dies, RIP. Long live Mamba, Gianna and everyone else impacted and their families. To those all who suffered, do good and help LA and beyond recover.

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