Being Empathetic

Saranya Patel, Age 10

I HATE being sick but very lucky for me I have my amazing brother and sister to support me when I need it the most.

So earlier I woke up not feeling the best but I dealt with it. But after seven hours of hard work at school, I really wasn’t felling well so I skipped my after school activity for the day and when they came home my brother was super empathetic (meaning he was willing to help because he knew how it felt to be sick and constantly sneezing and coughing and complaining about a soar throat). My brother asked if he could do my laundry, or if it was my turn to do the trash he would do it – he would help get me off the couch. I could tell my sister wanted to help but didn’t want to get sick.I had medicine and went to sleep. 


          You know when sometimes you have medicine and it doesn’t work that well? Ya, that kind of happened to me. I didn’t want to stay home from school and rest because I was sick and today was was my sister’s day to hang out with my mom so I didn’t want her to get sad because she’s been excited about it for a while. Plus, it wasn’t the flu or the  corona disease- just an annoying cold. I ended up going to school and my sister came back from the mommy and me day and got me the stuffed animal I have been NEEDING in a small and large size. She also got me a fragrance mist,two shirts, a sloth calendar,and three delicious munchkins.          

Being empathetic doesn’t mean giving or buying everything you want- it means expressing your feelings and saying “thank you” or saying “I know how you feel!!!” So just do me a favor and be empathetic for others, just like my brother and sister.

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