Aarav Patel, Age 11

Someone in this world is having a bad day. Lets face it. You know how it feels. Don’t let someone have to go through this. You don’t know what they have to go through, or what they did. But at that time you can make it easier for them in 1 minute.           

You don’t have to push a still elephant across a football field. You can tell by their mood if they aren’t having it. You only have to talk to them. Saying “what’s up,” or “what’s wrong” can go a long way. And if they want you to leave them alone, then leave. DON’T SHOW ANY BODY LANGUAGE but nod your head if they say that. The person will not convey that well.           

Just do the best you can to help someone. The best friendships can’t be forced- the right thing has to be done in order to start one. Make someone smile! It will pay back later.

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