Getting Bored?

Saranya Patel, Age 10

         There are many ways to connect with someone new not just connecting by face timing and asking questions cause that can get really boring. Connecting is about interacting and having fun not just getting bored with what you are doing and how you are connecting because it is part of life, make it fun!!!

               One way is doing something that is physical like taking a walk and talking go to the park ride your bike playing tag or hide & seek plus your parents will like it because you are getting fresh air and are exercising trust me, I am ten!!! But make sure that everybody can play the game before you play (just in case of back pain losing your energy ext.)
               The next way is to cook or bake together. The one rule is to make something Yummy, mouth-watering and delicious!!!


๐ŸคคMake sure that the older generation is not just doing all the cooking/baking because, one the younger generation wouldn’t be having fun, they would just sit there and watch. Two you have to be doing something together to make that connection click and for it works.
               Third, you could take classes together. Like yoga classes, art classes, archery classes, swimming classes, sewing classes ext. But make sure the class is not by age group because of the fact you are different ages(the class you are in you have to do together.)
               Fifth, you can have a very memorable trip and watching movies, mini-golfing, going to restaurants, amusement parks, concerts, parties ext.
               Remember that the world of things to do is endless. If you want to do something really adventures and really fun and need a way to hang out invite them and have a little fun come on you know it won’t hurt you try something new and you might imagine or experience something NEW and fantastic
                Have a great minute/day/week/month/year!!! 




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