A Bad Pandemic

Aarav Patel, Age 11

A bad Pandemic 
In times of the Coronavirus, everyone across the world is being reminded to be hygienic. We don’t know where this stuff spreads, so washing your hands, one of the dirtiest areas of your body may help prevent the spread of COVID. The CDC and WHO is advising us to clean commonly touches objects like cellphones. Unfortunately, this also means that we need to keep distance from each other, this the name social distancing.

Don’t we all hate it when you feel trapped in something? We have a nice house, which I am very grateful of, but sometimes too much of something is bad you know.

I am actually MISSING school, which is alarming. You miss being around people.I just want to tell everyone, you’re not alone. The entire world is practically on lockdown. We can all bear through this if you can understand that we take being around lots of people for granted.

This will end. We just have to accept the consequences now, not in a few months where if you don’t the older part of the country may be in Jeopardy of their life.

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