Saber Toothed Tiger

Saranya Patel, Age 10

Saber-toothed tiger By: Saranya Patel,Age 10Now you can probably see by the title this blog is about the Saber-toothed tiger. So before I start just in case you don’t know what a Saber-toothed tiger is, a Saber-toothed tiger is not around today or any were close today. Saber-toothed tigers became extinct about 10,000 years ago. That is an extremely long time ago. In fact, that was 100 centuries ago (1 century is 100 years ago.)It was 1000 decades ago(1 decade is 10 years.)
Okay back to what the blog is about. Okay so if you were surprised by how many years ago the Saber-toothed tiger was extinct prepare for your mind to be blown!
So do you know how big an African lion is? Well if you don’t that’s okay because I am going to tell you!Well if you average the size of a female and a male African lion the average length is about 7 feet and 9 inches long. Well according to The Week Junior a Saber-toothed tiger’s skeleton is two times the size of an African lion and holey shamoil that is HUGE! The Week Junior also said a Saber-toothed tiger weighed about 960 pounds(that is way way way more than the weight of  2 lions!)Also Saber-toothed tigers are not really tigers they are technically… cats!
If you are not surprised or impressed I don’t know what will ever be but that is your opinion so whatever!So just imagine if saber-toothed tigers were alive today?

  • I think if the Saber-toothed tiger was alive today, the Saber-toothed tiger would make the environment and the ecosystem VERY unbalanced!
  •  I think if they were alive today, they would be a top predator.
  • Also, what do you think that giant creature would eat?
  • Did the Saber-toothed tiger go extinct because of the same meteor that killed dinosaurs?
  •  What climate would it live in if saber-toothed tigers were alive today?
  • Is it common to find a Saber-toothed tiger skeleton nowadays?

Okay everybody remember, be safe and have a great rest of the day.Peace!

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