Corona Virus

By Saranya Patel, Age 10

So, I do apologize I know that EVERYBODY on this planet is mainly talking about the coronavirus. Now I know it can be irritating but now that I am thinking about it, we need people(especially doctors) talking about it. But talking about the coronavirus sometimes makes me think, “Wow is this real or is this just a never-ending dream?
Well, I think I know how people in world war I and world war II feel. When I learned about the World wars in 4th grade, at least I didn’t truly imagine me being them. people living from 1914-1945 were probably thinking the same thing I sometimes think, “Wow is this real or is this a never-ending dream?”. 
Just imagine if the coronavirus happened several years ago(like in the 1400s). Everything would be in way worst shape because they don’t have the technology we have today.
I will be honest I don’t understand coronavirus as much as someone like Dr.Fauci but I do understand some-things and I understand that we should be washing our hands and taking care of ourselves and that we are considered part of history.
Everybody be careful and spend the time you have with your family and remember there is a lot of things going on but it is the PERFECT time to connect with your family because once this is all over if you connect you will have a BIG memory of all the time with your family. 

Be safe and healthy 

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