Getting Outside

Aarav Patel, Age 11

So here in Virginia, we have stay at home orders until June 10th. Nobody can leave the house with the exceptions of going outside to exercise or taking care of pets, going to work, getting groceries, getting gas and going to a sick loved one. Unless you want to lose up to $2500 or go to jail for up to a year. That means we are trapped inside with a bunch of crazies(*cough**cough* sometimes my sisters. Not to be rude, but it’s my honest opinion.) Now since I don’t have a job, our nearest relatives or am a adult, the only way I can leave the house is to go outside. So much ”fun”. Being trapped inside our property lines is annoying. But there is benefit for going outside.For example, if it is sunny, (mainly kids)could get more Vitamin D. I see that as more junk food I can have. In fact, A study conducted by the American Academy of Ophthalmology uncovered that kids who play outside frequently are at a reduced risk of developing near-sightedness. It is also proven to increase attention span, reduces stress and promotes social skills. Plus, we all need fresh air. I mean who doesn’t?So now we know there is a few benefits of being practically quarantined for months. Get your kid outside and practice social distancing when possible. We will get through this, and there are a few benefits for this after all.

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