Aarav Patel, Age 11

So I made this post to show how you can donate to people in need. Thank you to everyone that is on the frontlines and those who are risking their lives to go to work during this pandemic. And to those 17 million people without a job(the highest number of unemployed Americans ever at any point👎🏼) I hope best wishes.And an extra shout out to those like Brad Paisley and his wife who are donating who knows how much by opening a food shelter. You are known and will be rewarded later we you will need it the most. But there are other ways you can donate other needed things.The most needed items are:-Food(for shelters)-Blood(for the sick)-Communication(for all of us)-Volunteers for hospitals(only people with a medical degree)You can make someone’s day-or even save their life by donating at least one of these. We all have good in us, and we can all donate. Trust me, you will feel good afterwards.

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