Saranya Patel, Age 10

Okay just in case you do not know what a Lexilight is, a Lexilight is yes a light💡but a Lexilight is not a ordinary light it is a light to help people with dyslexia. Now for the people who don’t know what dyslexia is that is okay because I honestly didn’t know what dyslexia is before I read the book fish in a tree. Dyslexia is basically a condition that makes reading difficult for you for example the letter p may look like the letter b.
Well if you didn’t know more than 43 million people in the US have dyslexia. That is so crazy! There is almost 50 million people in the US alone just imagine how much people have dyslexia in the world well you don’t have to imagine I am going to tell you well 1 and every 10 people have dyslexia.
If you have dyslexia there is a solution: the Lexilight. Well so far 300 people tried the lexilight and  90 percent of the people said there reading abilities greatly improved. First of all what if everyone with dyslexia tried the Lexilight and for the people that try it and their reading abilities don’t  improve that is okay.Now having dyslexia doesn’t mean your not smart, Albert Einstein had dyslexia but had an IQ of 160.Now if it does improve that is 💯 Amazing! And imagine how many people would improve their  reading.
Reading + writing ✍️are very important so while we are being quarantined lets be safe and healthy but also practice your reading and writing.
Also if you have a friend or family members working  against covid 19 make sure to thank them. Have a good day 

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