Aarav Patel, Age 11

Ok, first off, I’m sorry that I’m writing about how COVID-19 for what- the 5th week I’m a row!? I’m annoyed too. 

Second off, look up how many people have tested positive and/or died of COVID-19, and how many people tested for it.

Anybody see the resemblance? If so why?
Someone’s careless actions has spread the practically untreatable disease. Therefore, forcing us to do basically everything online. It’s making us realize that 1.) We’re humans not machine controlled goofballs and 2.) We all need each other.
And though it might be tempting to get  someone to say something in person, try to stay as sane as possible. 
It’s great to have someone in person with you. But know by not doing so, you will probably save someone’s life, whether it is yours or someone else’s 

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