Mother’s Day in Quarantine

Saranya Patel, Age 10

On the second Sunday of every May each year, it’s Mother’s day! Now Mother’s day is not like Christmas or Valentine’s Day; Christmas and Valentines Day are on the same day every year but Mother’s Day is on a different day every year. For example, this year Mother’s Day is on May 10th but it wouldn’t be on May 10th for another six years: 2026. In my opinion that is pretty Crazy!

        We are in a honestly challenging time right now because of COVID 19.Since people are social distancing, we aren’t really seeing friends & family (other than the people living with you.)Well for many kids, one of the family members in your home is…can you guess it? Well it is Your Mom! Hopefully you guessed because the tittle is:


Mother’s Day in Quarantine


So okay, let’s pretend that today was Mother’s Day. You are stuck at home, bored and it’s raining outside all day, and you don’t know what to do. Hello people, it’s Mother’s Day (especially this year when everybody at home all day)the best thing do to is one give your Mom a well thought out give and two spend time with her!

Here are some things you and your Mom can do together during quarantine:

1.)Watch a movie

2.) Binge watch some Netflix

3.) Bake/ cook something together

4.)Complete a puzzle

5.)Read a book together

6.)Play board games

7.) Take a virtual class

8.)Give her a massage

9.)Take a walk or explore nature or even just play outdoors

10.) Make a mini movie or movie trailer together using iMovie (iMovie is an app from apple where you can create videos/mini movie

Now if ever do ANY of those activities I just listed the one thing you HAVE to do is have fun!!!

Mother’s Day is a very special holiday and we won’t let COVID-19 ever ruin it EVER.

Be safe and have a great rest of your day!!!


️Saranya Patel 


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