Dutch Students Have Unforgettable Journey

Saranya Patel, Age 10

In the Netherlands, there was a group of students who participated in a six week program that basically combined sailing and schoolwork.
In this program, the students were flown to the Caribbean so they could learn how to sail. They when to the Caribbean so they could sail in the Caribbean Sea. Now obviously the students were not by themselves, there were also twelve sailors, and three teachers. 
In the middle of the sailing program(around Mid-March),everything started shutting down because of the Coronavirus, the students would not be able to fly home. So, the only other way the students could get home was to sail thousands of miles across The Atlantic Ocean.Everybody made it to the Netherlands safely. The crossing the Atlantic Ocean took five weeks and the students were at sea for a total of eight weeks! There trip 
Now you might be wondering wouldn’t it take along time to sail across the Atlantic Ocean? Wouldn’t you run out of food? Well they knew that if you would sail across the Atlantic Ocean it would get cold so  they stoped on the island of St. Lucia to buy warm clothes, food and other gear. The students also stoped in the Azores to get supplies and food. They also had several days without showering because the ship’s fresh water maker broke!
Nobody on the ship had wifi the entire time. Oh, I forget to mention the students were 14-17 years old! I think that is so impressive that a bunch of high schools and a few adults can get themselves out of that huge situation like that! Also, I feel really bad for the students on that ship because, they were days straight were they couldn’t get access to any clean water also those kids didn’t see there family for days! You couldn’t even FaceTime your family because there was no wifi! If I was on that ship I would DEFINITELY  get sea sick no doubt about it. 
The students on that ship connected really well during that program. I bet it would be really hard to come back to a world where you have to be social distancing when all you have been doing for the last eight weeks!
Those 24 kids will never forget that incredibly unforgettable journey.

Be safe!

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