Sheep Take Over McDonald’s

Ishaana Patel, Age 8

Sheep take over Mcdonald’s 

A Mcdonald’s restaurant in the United Kingdom [UK] that is closed because of the coronavirus, has gotten some new costumers. Those costumers were sheep. Andrew Thomas saw that the parking lot was packed with sheep, took a photo, and posted it on Facebook. That is how I saw it. The sheep just could not read the closed sign 😂!! Anyway, after he saw the sheep, he told CNN news. 

What did I think? 

When I started reading about it, I thought it was just WILD but as I kept on reading, I thought hey, it is how the world is. UNIQUE. 

You should try: 

health-wise I suggest you go outside for about one hour a day or even go on a short walk. Connection wise I think if you want to you could make a zoom with your friends or maybe facetime! 

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