The Things That Stand

Saranya Patel, Age 10

   So first of all, if you are reading this and you are a teacher, happy teacher’s appreciate week! So let’s be honest teachers, you are probably not reading this on May 4th-May 8th but you can still be appreciated! Also, if you know someone who is a teacher make sure to make them feel appreciated! You will see why I am talking about teachers appreciate week later in this blog.

   Now, this year because of COVID 19 people can’t really celebrate some holidays the same as we normally do because we are practicing social distancing.For example, Birthdays! For some people who have birthday party’s, this year will be a little different from other years because of COVID 19. It is NOT the best idea to have a birthday party( if it is your birthday during COVID 19 I highly suggest you don’t have a party.)BUT,there are holidays you can still celebrate the same. For example, Teacher’s Appreciation Week!

   Usually for teachers appreciation week, people get or make their teachers gifts. Well, this year you can’t really give your teacher a gift in less I don’t know you are next door neighbors with you teacher which is pretty unlikely but not impossible. For the people who aren’t next door neighbors with their teachers can still do something. That something could be want I did. Now just to be clear I am NOT next door neighbors with any of my teachers. So, what I did was I emailed all of my teachers 3-4 paragraphs about why I appreciate my teachers. Sometimes everyone wakes up on the wrong side of the bed but saying something nice can make that person feel way better. Again it CAN be short, but it has to be for that person meaning if you gave it to someone else they would go “ I don’t remember doing that!” Or “ What! That never happened!”

Don’t you want to be the person who feels proud or like Wow, I feel SO good about myself!

Also, this doesn’t have to be just for teachers appreciation week it could be about national nurse appreciation day or just to be nice. I would recommend writing a note or email/text message to a first response or someone is working their butt off to help others.

  COVID 19 is differently changing things in life no doubt about it. We aren’t going to have COVID 19 change EVERYTHING. But a few of the things that are still standing are holidays, traditions and family being family.

Be safe Everybody!!!

Saranya Patel

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