US Women’s Soccer

Aarav Patel, Age 11

      Today I read about the USWNT lawsuit for unequal pay, which I forgot they filed in January or so, I was shocked by the outcome. I did a speech about the gender pay gap, and I am no expert of the law, but what??? They had plenty of pieces of evidence to prove that the the US Soccer Federation was mistreating the soccer team. They made the same amount as the men’s team yet they won the World Cup, and the men didn’t even qualify. The judge probably didn’t even bother to look how uneven their paychecks were without the World Cup. 
      However I also read that they are likely to make an appeal on a higher level court system. I like how they never gave up. They are great examples when you talk about standing up for themselves. So good luck to them with the appeal! They showed to never mess with anybody, and stand up when you need to.They deserve the big fat W, like anyone else shining light in this dark tunnel.

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