Saranya Patel, Age 10

Saranya Patel, Age 10

So you would think that ALL dinosaurs lived on land right? Well a Spinosaurus(spi-no-saur-us) is a dinosaur that used to live underwater! A Spinosaurus (“spine lizard”) was alive around 100 million years ago!

Now we have found a Spinosaurus fossil found before but that was more than 100 years ago! After the fossil had been found in Egypt, it was brought to Germany. But, the fossil was destroyed in World War Two.

Nizar Ibrahim, a paleontologist at the university of Detroit Mercy was curios about Spinosaurus and loved dinosaurs since he was a kid and he made it his goal to find a Spinosaurus fossil. Now, he worked for almost 15 year trying to find a Spinosaurus until 2018 and part of 2019 he and some of his friends worked really hard in temperatures above 110 Fahrenheit. They removed 15 tons of rock AKA 30,000 pounds until they found many pieces of a spinosaurus’s tail fossil!

I personally think that what Nizar Ibrahim and his friends did was AWESOME!They were able to pick up 15 tons of rock. They had to be really determined to find a Spinosaurus fossil! There might have been times where Nizar Ibrahim wanted to give up but he never did! Also, if I were them I would NOT survive several straight hours in over 110 degrees Fahrenheit weather, I can barely survive 80 degrees Fahrenheit! Finally, Nizar Ibrahim snd his friends picking up all those rocks must have connected REALLY well because they were digging and picking up those rocks for several days! I also didn’t know swimming dinosaurs were a thing until I read an article in the magazine called The Week Junior.

Here are  a few fun facts about Spinosaurus:

1.) A Spinosaurus had a tail about 20 feet long!
2.) Spinosaurus lived in North Africa
3.) Spinosaurus were one of the largest carnivorous (meat eating)dinosaurs of all time!
4.) The Spinosaurus had a long, thin skull
5.) Spinosaurus lived in the Cretaceous period( between 112-97 million years

Be safe everyone! Also, Happy Memorial Day!

Saranya Patel

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