They Need Our Help!

                       They NEED Our Help!
Saranya Patel,Age 10
There are some animals who are living by a tread. What I mean by that is that if we aren’t VERY careful some endangered animals will go extinct in a snap! We could easily make some animals, who aren’t even close to endangered die out because of our behaviors. 
I honestly don’t think it’s fair that our actions hurt other living things. It’s not fair that some people hunt animals just for the sake of doing it! 
We are WAY over populated, and we are taking away other living things habitats and that right there is straight up NOT fair! 
When people make more roads it is helping us so there is less traffic but isn’t helping the animals who live around them because you are destroying there habitat, that’s like if someone came to your house and while you were still in it they bulldozed it then set it on fire! Then you wouldn’t have a place to live, well when people  make more roads that is basically what you are doing to the animals around you. Roads aren’t needs, and when you have a 2 lane road it might not be the most efficient road but when you make the highway into 4 lanes it is way more efficient for us but now you took part of the animals habitat. Killing LOTS of animals so you get what you want, Is that really worth it?
Now I thought that this would be good to share with you but a couple of days ago I was reading an article from The Week Junior about lions and it said that in the mid 1800s there was about half a million African lions but now there is fewer than 25,000! I thought that was  just crazy! 
Be safe, Saranya Patel 

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