How To Write A Better Blog Post

Ishaana Patel, Age 8

How to write a good blog post 

Hi!! Welcome back to another one of my blog posts! 👋😁 

Today I am going to tell you how to make a good blog post! 

So, if your young like me like ages 4-18 I’d go with a happy mood like saying hi and pretending like your talking to the person when you are typing it. 

Now, if you are writing about a history type stuff or just something long, I think that you should like just pretend like you’re just doing it to let people know. 

Here’s what I do:  

  1. Find something to write about 
  2. Write a nice greeting 
  3. Slowly look at the website/magazine I am getting it from 
  4. Take the words and change most of them so I do not Copywrite 
  5. Make sure I spelled everything correctly 
  6. Post it online 
  7. You are finished! 

Getting to know what you are doing 

It took me about maybe 2-3 months to get the hang of writing a blog every weekend. 

I started almost 1 month after my siblings, so they knew how to do it but they didn’t have enough time to help me so I would have just to figure it out! It wasn’t HARD for me, but it was confusing at first. But… 

Here is how I figured it out: 

  1. Letting the people reading the blogs get to know me 
  2. Starting to feel like you are talking to the person 
  3. Making the blogs longer 
  4. Getting better at my grammar 
  5. Being patient 
  6. Getting better at writing the actual blog 
  7. That’s it!! 

I believe that you can do it too!!  


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