5 Steps To Getting a Dog

Aarav Patel, Age 11

How to trick your stubborn parents into getting a dog in 5 steps
*Only use if nobody in the house is allergic to fur or moderately-severely allergic to dogs

1. Constantly beg your parents to get you a dog until they get super super annoyed. Everyone in the house will get super annoyed if they do not want to get a dog. You may be able to get them to bring one home if you are an only child on the first step.
2. If you have any brothers, sisters or anyone related to you who love dog then trying to get a dog. An army of protesters is better than one to change something.
3. Show adorable pictures of small, furry puppies tilting their heads like this

Also, make sure you do some brief research about a few dog breeds that your parents will be fine with.
4. Find some hypoallergenic (meaning the shed less) dogs. Do and finish the rest of research. With your mob of dog lover’s, present it to your parents in a professional way to get the best results. Make sure to have all breeds you have researched on to give them a lot of options.

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