What Do Dogs Dream About?

Aarav Patel, Age 11

What does Mav dream about?
   Yesterday in The Week Junior I read a small article about dogs’ sleep patterns and dreams. The zoologist response to a question from a viewer who asked “Do dogs dream?” It was very surprising. Dogs in general have very similar sleeping patterns as humans, meaning they have dreams! This means that he could have no nightmares to, which is discomforting. But what does he dream about that could give him some?      Now, I’m doing this off of a human experience. This would mean that he has dreams off of things he sees a lot, like Riley, Patches, his crazy high levels of cuteness, and us. But what he sees during the day is key. For example, if we went to Cleveland for a week, will he have a nightmare of becoming a stray, wake up and remember the dream? 
    Hopefully Maverick doesn’t have nightmares that often. Or at all. Now, if they aren’t 99% good, then that’s bad. If me, Saranya, Ishaana or Daddy did something bad that causes him to have it. But then again, that is if he has dreams. 
     Of course, lots of research has to be done in order to prove all of these points, but for what we know now, it’s definitely possible. But if dogs have dreams like humans, boy is daddy wrong about him being “just a dumb dog.” Dogs have the same mental capabilities as a two or three-year-old. Just like Dude in The Healing Powers of Dude learned how to open doors, never say they aren’t you. In fact, Maverick is sitting right next to the window right now, which is what I do when I have nothing else to do. You never know how much more human a pup could be.

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