Summer Break

Saranya Patel, Age 10
        Today is the last day of school in my County, and my last day of elementary school. But, the last day of school doesn’t feel any different than a  regular virtual school day. 

        For us we have 2 hours of school work every day which is WAY less than usual. My brother did the math and said that all the extra time we have each day is equal to a whole summer break! So we are basically having one summer break (except with school work) and then right after having another summer break! That to me is really crazy.

        This might just be me but, sometimes during summer break I get really bored! I get bored because summer break is good and all but sometimes there is nothing really to do. So, having practically 2 straight summer breaks is going to be really hard for me especially because we can’t go to the pool or the beach. ☀


“So what things we can do while we are stuck at home in the middle of summer? “I am glad you asked.
1.)  Plan a picnic with close by family 
2.) Plan a virtual game/ FaceTime night with friends and family 
3.) Read in the shad or sun(I’d recommend shad!)
4.)Color and or draw!
5.)Take a virtual vacation 
6.)Learn sign language
7.)Listen to a podcast 
8.)Start watching a new show
9.)Take a walk or bike ride and explore your city!
10.)Redecorate or rearrange your room
11.)Find a new hobby like baking or sewing 
12.)Have a water gun fight with siblings 
13.) Go outside and have popsicles
14.)Make fresh lemonade 
15.)Make a yummy dessert while watching a baking show
I hope my suggestions helped!

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