Odd Note

Ishaana Patel. Age 8

 Hi! 👋 and welcome to another one of my blogs! An Australian woman went shopping at the grocery store and found an unusual note sitting in the most unusual spot- in the dairy section, taped to a block of cheese. The note read “to whoever is reading this, you are doing great! You deserve an amazing and happy day today!” The woman was surprised and happy. She says “not something you usually see every day, but it made me smile. 

YOU think now 

The woman was surprised yet she thought this was very unusual.  

Well now think about this: If this happened to you how would you feel?  

How would you react? 

What would you tell people? 

How would you respond to the note? 

If you were to write a note what would you write? 

What would you do after you read the note? 

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