Harry Potter Themed House

Saranya Patel, Age 10

Heads up I might sound like a Real estate agent or someone on a TV commercial when I say this but:” Have you ever dreamed of living in Hogwarts? Well know you can!”The new house in Orlando,is called Wizards Way and is near Universal Studios and Harry Potter Land and Disney.

You can rent the eight bedroom, five bath house for about $500 a night. However the Maximum stay is four nights. Four of the bedrooms represent the four houses(Slytherin, Hufflepuff, Gryffindor, and Ravenclaw.)Some of the Other bedrooms are designed to represent different places in Harry Potter such as Diagon Ally,The Forbidden Forest, Whomping Willow, or Dumbledore Office!

There are some really cool sound effects and special effects in the house that I think is really cool and that would make you feel like you are inside Hogwarts! I literally didn’t know A Harry Potter airbnb was a thing until I read an article in The Week Junior a few day ago and I really wanted to tell you guys because this would be a GREAT family trip especially for Harry Potter Lovers!

Finally if you haven’t read or watched Harry Potter yet I HIGHLY recommend it. My personal preference is to watch the Movies because the books are just way too long for me and I get overwhelmed but again just my preference.

Also, what Harry Potter house are you?( I’m Ravenclaw)

Have a nice rest of your day!

If you are interested in Wizards Way, check out the links below:





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