Animal Crossing

Ishaana Patel, Age 8

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 A new video game animal crossings new horizons came out on March 20th,2020. In 2001, the first animated series of animal crossing came out  

Here is the difference from 2001- 2020 games: 

If you want to buy the game: 

Ok, Sorry about the links taking up so much space. Anyway, I have a lot more to say. 

Just a question but…. 

Which one of these animal crossing games are real? {answers at the end} 

{a} wild world 

[b} one life forever 

{c} city folk 

{d} town street 

{e} new leaf 

{f} Happy home designer 

Ok just one more link! 

If you want to learn more: 

As you saw in the video above, Animal crossing is about exploring, designing, and making new friends. 

In the game, you put in your local time zone, Why? You ask.  

Here’s why: 

In Animal crossing they have real time. For another game like Minecraft, one day goes by in 10 minutes. But in Animal crossing one day is 24 hours.  

More about it 

Well, hmm. You might think. Is it worth it to buy it? 

Pros: every year animal crossing has new updates. You should go check it out! And whatever time of day it is when you’re playing, that will be the time in the game! Also it’s a good way to meet online friends. 

Cons: Well, what if you are bringing the game to someone else’s house and you lose the game card? You would have to buy it again and lose your progress. If you are playing on a Nintendo switch, the controllers die fast sometimes. What if you want to play with a family member but it just dies? 

Answers: Happy Home Designer: *real* 

City Folk: *real*! 

New Leaf: *real*! 

Wild World: *real*! 

Town Street: *Fake! 

One Life Forever: *Fake*! 

Did you answer them all correct? 

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