Babysitters Club

Saranya Patel, Age 10

One day I was randomly scrolling through netflix looking for something to watch so I looked through the Latest section and found the Baby-Sitters Club and I was super pumped. I don’t know about you but  I absolutely LOVE The Baby-Sitters. I have read every book cover to cover. Well I haven’t read all 131 original babysitters club books but I have read all the Graphic Novels. 

The show is based on the first 10 books. Also, something that I thing is really crazy is that more than 1,000 girls auditioned for roles in the series and so the actresses that got picked most have been really good. My cousins and I started watching The Baby-Sitters club and it’s pretty different from the books.  The show and the books have the same ideas but there are some details that make them different so if you are like me and read the books already I think it’s still worth it to watch it. I think it crazy that the original baby-sitters club books were first published in 1986 and stopped publishing in 2000. 
There is also a NEW Baby-sitters Club book that is coming out on September 1st which you can Pre-order here:

If you haven’t already read the Baby-sitters club I Suggest you read it

Here are some of the classic baby-sitters club books.  I obviously can’t link all 131 Original baby-sitter club but below is some of the first baby-sitters club(1-6):
And Finally here  is the trailer for The Baby-sitters Club:

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