Dogs Are Smarter Than You Think

Aarav Patel, Age 12

Dogs are smarter than you think, dog owners!
   My dad always says that my Yorkshire Terrier-Maltese mix, Maverick is a dumb dog, which really gets me annoyed. He’s very smart and very good at communicating his point across to humans. But he doesn’t like our dad as much as our mom(I can tell  sa by his attitude) and doesn’t like listening to him, probably because he yells a lot. But today, I ran into an article talking about how a dog’s brain can comprehend and understand what we are saying!   Now, you might think I’m going to say something you probably already know, but chances are, I’m not. Attila Andics, an animal scientist in Hungary, whose been researching the subject for years, has, with his colleagues, recently published a very crucial article on the subject. The study reported that dogs understand an owner’s tone of voice, but lots of their words, too. Some very smart pups can understand thousands, yes, thousands of names and objects. So to put it in perspective, the average Kindergartener know about 1,500 words. That’s crazy.    After some research, I found that morkies are some of the most intelligent dogs, which is understandable, because Maverick can trick anyone to get them to do what he wants. So if you are reading this and think your dog is not smarter than a two-year-old, think again! They are smart and help us with everything they can. If you want to read the article, read page 10 of the August 28 volume of the Week Junior.

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