How to be literally the worst at what you do

Aarav Patel, Age 12

    Ok, well not exactly. But it’s kind of like losing because of your own tactics. A perfect incident that happened very recently in a museum in Iga, Japan when a bunch of thieves acting like ninjas broke into that museum and stole the equivalent of 10,000 USD in just a few minutes.   But the funny (and weird) thing was that is was a museum about ninjas. Think about it! The people who design, do research and build exhibits would have serious knowledge and passion for ninjas. So even if it was for display, wouldn’t you want some protection against criminals? Think about it, it is the thing that is always broken into in comic books and in IRL! There is a bunch of priceless items and cash. When you are robbed by the thing you research your bad at your job!   Really though, please don’t be that negligent over your knowledge about things that might come in handy. Knowledge is power. This is a good example if you don’t use it. Loss of money. And during COVID, no one can afford to lose any. So be careful.

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