New Babysitters club graphic novel

Ishaana Patel, Age 8

New Babysitters club graphic novel 

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We all know about the babysitter’s club. The babysitters club was created in 1986 and has over 200 books! 

There are 131 novels in the main series, as well as 15 Super Specials, three-dozen mysteries, and lots of other books featuring the characters Ann M. Martin created. On September 1st, 2020, Gale Galligan, the author and Illustrator of the graphic novels is releasing Logan likes Mary Anne! She writes the same story, but she writes it differently. Does that make sense? 😁  

Some of the older books, include: 

Kristy’s big day, Stacey’s mistake, Mary Anne saves the day, The truth about Stacey, The ghost at Dawn’s house, Claudia and the new girl, Claudia and the phantom phone calls, Kristy and the snobs, Poor Mallory! And much more. 

There are two Mystery books: 

Beware, Dawn! And Stacey y el anillo perdido.  {I have NO idea how to pronounce that!} 

Four of the eight graphic novels are By Raina Telegiemer While the other four are by Gale Galligan. 

Raina: Kristy’s big day  

Raina: The truth about Stacey 

Raina: Mary Anne saves the day 

Raina: Claudia and mean Janine 

Gale: Dawn and the impossible three 

Gale: Kristy’s big day 

Gale: Boy- Crazy Stacey 

Gale: Logan Likes Mary Anne! 

Here’s some links if you want to Buy the books! 

{The links are in order from book 1 – 8} 

{I didn’t put in the older books. You can just look up “older babysitter’s club”.} 

The links were long, but they are over now 😀 

Have a good day and thanks for taking your time to read this! 

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