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       The Week Junior

Saranya Patel, Age 11  

   Over the weeks we have talked a lot about The Week Junior, so I thought why not make a whole blog post about the Week Junior in case anyone was interested.  

   The Week Junior is a weekly magazine for kids ages 8-14 years old and is a kid’s version of The Week. It has 32 pages of News, Arts, and entertainment, The big debate, Science and nature, Sports and Activities. My personal favorite section is around the world and the puzzles sections. Around the world shows different things happening that week around the world. The puzzles have interactive activities like spot the difference or word ladders. When it comes in the mail, my siblings and I love quizzing each other on a section called real or fake where there are a bunch of bizarre facts and you must guess if it is real or fake.  

   The Week Junior is a kid version of the week. What I mean by that is the week junior simplifies things in the world and explains them in a kid-friendly way. I have read both the week and the week junior and I think the week junior is way less boring and definitely more of what kids want to hear. For example, instead of talking about politics like the week, the week junior will talk about new video games or movies that are coming out soon and what to expect from them. 

I will be honest I really love the cartoons in the week. The week has some really talented artists! Their covers are really impressive too. 

The week junior might not be for everyone but that’s okay in fact, The week junior gives you six risk-free issues so if you don’t like it you can always cancel your subscription. 

I hoped you learned a little bit about the Week Junior and as always I put a few links below about the week junior and this time the week. 

Here are some links to The week and the week junior:

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