Wear A Mask

Ishaana Patel, Age 8


This year has been extremely un- normal.  We all know about the bad virus: Coronavirus. Schools are closed for kids, parents are losing their jobs, etc.  

I’ve seen a lot of people wearing masks, but not the correct way. I’ve seen people who wear a mask over their mouth, but they don’t cover their nose. I’ve also seen people on random news channels who wear a mask, but they cut off the mouth and nose piece.  

You don’t have to wear a mask, but they are very much recommended and safer for you and your surroundings. You want to make sure you don’t touch ANYTHING that you are not buying. You also want to wash your hands before, and after you eat, after before and after you go outside, and/or touch and animal or an object that many people have touched. Especially now, when you go to a restaurant, or zoo, or anything similar, you should kepp your hands off the glass.  

What’s the point of wearing a mask? 

Well, obviously nobody WANTS to get sick, go to the hospital and possibly die, but if you don’t wear a mask, it would be your fault that you are sick. It is your responsibility to take care of your own body. 

You should wear a mask so your body can stay healthy. If you have a mask off you, you never know if you are beathing some polluted or un-healthy air. 

It would be good If you had at least 2 spare masks in your car, or in your pocket. 

What are possible ways you can get Coronavirus 

One simple way you could get sick is by not social distancing. You shouldn’t have to social distance from family, unless they are sick. 

Another way you could easily get sick is by not washing your hands or blowing your nose in your sleeve. Something not good for you like that :} 

A third way is by treating your body badly. You don’t want to be feeding yourself cake and cookies all day. If you have to much of an unhealthy food, you could get sick. 

Another way is by going out without a mask. Especially in crowded places. You might be next to a sick person, but you don’t have a mask. So most likely the air you would be breathing would be infected.  

The easiest way is by eating germs. If you don’t wash your hand before you eat something, you are eating germs. No matter what, everything you touch has tons of germs on it, or in it. So, if you touched any of those objects and did not wash your hands, well… You are eating germs. 

How did coronavirus start? 

Scientists in China gave an animal a disease, and it started to spread throughout China in late December. Soon the people from China started to travel around the world so their Continent could heel. Then people all around the world caught the disease.

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