BlaCk Lives Matter

Ishaana Patel, Age 8


The black lives matter started around July 2013, though black people were treated un- fairlybefore2013. The 2020 black lives matter started in late May, because a white police officer stepped on a black man, George Floyd’s neck for exactly 8 minutes and 46 seconds.George Floyd went to a store and paid a worker $20. When George left, the worker thought that George had paid a fake twenty-dollar bill.So, he called the police and so the police tracked him down. The police pulled him out of his own car putting hands cuffs on him.     There were 6 officers, one who had 17 complaints, involved in 3 shootings and one fatal, and the other on who had 6complaints and got sued for throwing a man on the ground and punching him. Two people were recording this scene and one of the police was found putting his knee on Floyd’s neck, torso, and legs. After a while at 8:20 P.M we hear George mumbling I can’t,  I can’t breathe, man. Please. Another person starts to record, as a police officer stays on George’s neck for another seven minutes. The police officer says: what do you want? George responds as I can’t breathe.  Please. The knee on my neck. I cannot breathe. He continues. The police officer says: well get up and get in the car man. George says I will. Then get up and get into the car, manthe officer says.  George say’s I will. I can’t move. George starts to cry and yell to his dead mother. George’s eye’s close as he stops speaking and moving. Soon, an ambulance comes to check his pulse and take him to the hospital as soon as they could. Floyd is pronounced dead from a nearby hospital Around 9:30. Very quickly city of Minneapolis started a BIG BLACK LIVES MATTER protest the spread around the world as white citizens are  killing Black people while they protest for Fairness around the world. 

Okay, now I am going to a different topic, but I want to show this to you. It is a video from security camerasof how George Floyd died.  

{I know I said I would go to a different topic] My mom  just told me something because I kept asking her questions, and she said: If George Floyd was a white women, the police would have not killed George. She told me that if he was a white women the police officers wouldhave just let him go.  

Why do white people dislike black people? 

Well, I don’t really know why, but what I do know is that white people are not fair to other skin tones.I mean, why do they care about the COLOR of other people’s skin? Is it because you think it is a better color or something else ridiculous like that? I would like to know that. Also, you should not dislike them just because of the way they were. I just think it is extraordinary rude to judge somebody who is special needs or black. If you are special needs, it is not your fault that whatever happened to you happened. If you are black, people have no right at all to judge you or treat you with anything that is not fair. Everybody is perfect the way they are.  


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