Connections Through International Dog Day

Connections through international dog day

Saranya Patel, Age 11

This year, my family(including my dog) and I celebrated International Dog Day on August 26. International dog day a holiday to celebrate all dogs, small, large, mixed breeds, you name it. It’s about taking every opportunity you get to have all dogs live a happy, safe, and abuse-free life. All dogs deserve a couple of days in the year to celebrate and feel extra special because they keep us safe, they comfort people when we really need it and they bring a new element in life that once you have it can’t be taken away. Sorry cats but dogs are really man’s best friends. 

Have you ever wondered about your dog’s family and sometimes their breed? I have always wondered where/who my dog’s siblings are. They could be all across the world or a few miles away. When we were getting my dog they said he was a Morkie(Maltese-Yorkie) but google says he is a Malshi(Maltese Shih Tzu mix )

After reading a few websites I think he is definitely a Morkie but not the point. 

Like you would on every special event, people post pictures on social media but in Ireland, one man’s post revealed a big secret about his dogs’ siblings. 

On international dog day this year, Connor O’ Malley was scrolling through social media and happened to find a dog that looked very similar to his pointer cross, Toby. He reached out to the owner, Paddy Logue, and said: I think our dogs are somehow long lost, brothers!” They did a little more research and they found out they both got Toby and Fenton(Paddy’s Dog) from the same shelter and when the records were checked  they found out they were brothers! 

I think it was very incredible that Toby and Fenton were actually brothers. I think it’s cool that you can reunite families like that. I got some of this information in this blog from so make sure you check The Week junior’s website out and like always I will put the link down at the end of this blog.   

 My dog really means a lot to everyone in my family. By the time this blog is out, he will be two human years old. He is a seven-pound Morkie(Yorkie-Maltese mix dog)named Maverick. He is the family “Guard dog”(we call him that because he is a very alert dog that barks at neighbors when they walk by our house). Fun fact about Maverick-he is still working on fitting a tennis ball in his mouth(he’s not that close).

Here is a picture of my dog Maverick:

 Sorry, my leg is in the picture of my dog: Maverick 😀


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