Phones, Aaaaah!

Ishaana Patel, Age 8

Hello, 👋 I hope you like this blog post! If you haven’t heard of AT&T, I’ll tell you what it is. And I have a few stories for you.  AT&T, is a technology group that deals with and sells apple, and Samsung products [laptops too.] But anyway, in late August, my sister, mom and brother went to AT&T to get upgrades and new phones. AT&T regularly takes quite a long time, and they did on this trip but, my mom is psychic. As AT&T Allways’s is, slow, disappointing, my mom decided to get the manager’s signature for the future in case of any problems. About three weeks later, my mom was getting emails that AT&T was taking money from my family’s bank account. She could not even log onto her account, either. She called AT&T as she argues because AT&T charged us more than X4 the price that we were supposed to pay. AT&T decided that they didn’t want to show us our bill, which illegal [because they did not tell us how much they charged us.] My mom wanted that to change, and her money back. That explains why she was on the phone for ALMOST 4 HOURS. Ad they put my mom on hold for 1 HOUR on purpose just so they didn’t have to deal with her. Another thing that made my mom angry, is that they said they would call my mom back at seven o’clock that day, but they never called her back. 

A couple days ago, I had an orthodontist appointment, [it was my puppy’s birthday! And we were in the Wall Street Journal that day!] and we were not far from an grocery, Starbucks, CVS, etc., so my mom and I went to a couple of stores to find a copy of the Wall Street Journal because we were in it, and that day would be the only day we could get another one. Anyway, when we’re checking Starbucks for a copy, we saw the same AT&T that wasn’t showing us the bill. We decided to go there. My mom started to speak with one of the workers. My mom asked if the manager was there that day. The worker replied, no, he said he was sick, today. I wanted to say something, but then I realized it would be extremely rude to say inside of the store. But, at the end, my mom scheduled an appointment for today, the day I am writing this. As soon as me and my mom were completely out of the store, I immediately said “I don’t think the manager is actually sick. I think he just said he was, so he didn’t have to deal with you, mommy. I mean, wouldn’t the workers go out of control because he got sick? Wouldn’t they think he has Coronavirus?” 

My mom replied to me “yes. But just not the Coronavirus part.”  

In the end, these are all reasons that you should not waste your time at AT&T. 

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